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Is Your Hair Dull and Lifeless?

What Are the Benefits of a Protein Hair Treatment?

If your hair is prone to breaking easily, and you maintain a healthy diet, have you considered a protein hair treatment? The following information is what this type of treatment can offer your hair.

A protein treatment for hair is a type of conditioning treatment that is said to strengthen hair. While most beauty experts believe hair does need additional protein in order to remain healthy and strong, this is still under debate. People that use styling products, dyes, or heat-induced styling tools will often have hair that is brittle and damaged; however, this does not mean their hair requires protein to reverse the damage.

Even though there are numerous beauty products on the market today claiming to revitalize hair, the fact is hair is actually dead, which is why cutting it does not cause any type of physical pain. Therefore, attempting to add life to dead hair is kind of futile, as dead is basically dead!

That being said, there are still a few styling products and colorants people use that can still cause hair to break. Meaning, a good conditioner, leave-in treatment, or protein hair treatment does help to protect hair. Protein treatments don’t necessarily strengthen hair; however, it coats the hair enough to protect against everyday damage.

The best way you can achieve shinier and healthier hair is to monitor your diet. By eating a balanced diet and drinking water, both your hair and skin will react favorably. Even though protein treatments may create a shiny glossy effect, this same result can be achieved using a quality conditioner, in addition to a good diet.

While protein hair treatments are not deemed necessary, conditioning your hair with some kind of deeply penetrating conditioner is still very important. Conditioner needs to be used at least twice a week to provide your hair with a protective coating.

And there you have it reader; it basically comes down to personal preference. If you are a resident of the Greenville, NC area, call Miss Belle’s Hair Salon today at (252) 412-3595 to book an appointment.