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The Most Famous Celeb Haircuts over the Last Century

Tell Your Hairdresser You Want to Look Like a Star

We have all been in a situation where we see a favorite star wearing a particular haircut and want the same look for ourselves. We bring the picture to our stylists and ask them to work their magic. Sometimes it works, sometimes – it doesn’t – it all depends on how talented and skillful your hairdresser is. If you have found a hairstylist who can adapt a famous do to your features and give you that stellar look you are after, then perhaps you want to try a different style every once in a while. Here are some ideas inspired by celebs from the 1920s to the present day.

Louise Brooks

The American actress from the roaring ’20s was the first to adopt the bob hairstyle that defined the whole decade.

Lesley Lawson – Twiggy

The English model was a style icon of the ’60s. After she chopped her hair into a short boyish crop, she made a skyrocketing career.

Jane Birkin

The name of the English actress and singer is strongly associated with the bag created especially for her in 1983. However, she is also known for her wispy bangs.

Farrah Fawcett

The American actress and model had a long and feathered hairstyle that became iconic of the ’70s.

Jennifer Anniston

All fans of Friends are also fans of the style that Jennifer’s character Rachel wore on the ’90s show. The layered style was blow-dried to perfection and became known as “the Rachel.”

Victoria Beckham

The famous pop icon and designer became famous in 2000 also for her pixie haircut with a smooth short edge that graded at an angle hair at the nape and a thick sloppy bang. The cut is also known as the “Pob.”

Lara Worthington nee Bingle

The Australian swimsuit model and minor TV reality show celebrity introduced a short “do” that was the most copied cut for 2014/2015. The cut is slightly concave, shorter at the back, and weighted towards the front so that it swings deliciously free and easy, with its longest point barely grazing the collarbone. It is a ‘wash-and-go’ style that can be salt-water scrunched or dried straight and flat-ironed.

Selena Gomez

In 2017, the American singer and actress wore a bob with curtain bangs. It has been touted the hairstyle of the year. She is said to have pulled it off best.

Whether you want the same hair like that of a star or some variation of it, you should consult with an expert hairdresser first on whether it is possible to achieve for you and if it will suit you. If you are in Greenville, NC, consider Miss Belle’s Hair Salon. Call today at (252) 412-3595 to set up your appointment.